What are landing pages?

A landing page is a page specifically created to achieve one purpose. This purpose could be anything from getting registrations for your online event to getting signups for your email list.

Landing pages are simple but yet a very important part of your strategy to grow your business online and to create leads so you have someone to market to, and we all know that in sales, leads are like stock on the shelf…if you don’t have them, you cannot make sales.

When we build custom landing pages for our clients, and to increase the likelihood of success, there are 5 key elements we must get right which are;

  1. Every landing page must have a headline that captures the attention of your audience.
  2. A button with a call to action must be placed on your page and needs to be clear and contrasting.
  3. The name of your button does matter…a lot.
  4. Your page must have a “money shot” a great image or video to attract your visitors eye (and therefore attention).
  5. The form on your landing page must non-invasive so there is no resistance in the visitor completing it.

There are many other components you need to get right when creating a landing page, so why not get us to create one for you.  After all, you found this page didn’t you?

landing pages

Better targeting of your audience and attract the people you want to reach for a specific area of business.  Simple, specific and targeted.

Pages can be optimised for search engines so your prospective customers can find you.  You can target keywords and meta data.

Track how your custom landing pages are performing with Google Analytics.  Visitor count and conversion rates and critical to ensure results.

Grow your subscriber list by offering special offers, coupon codes, or some other form or reward in exchange for subscribing to your marketing list.

Your custom landing pages can also be publish to your own URL as well as WordPress and other content management systems.

Integration into other apps such as email marketing, popular CRM systems, and other marketing software platforms.

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