Digital Marketing Services

Take advantage of each visitor who visits your website, and make sure you capture them as a lead, nurture them, and covert them into customers when they are ready to buy.

Targted Landing Pages

We can help you covert visitors into leads, and leads into customers using custom landing pages with a call to action.

Branded Email Marketing

Keep in touch with your leads and customers.  We can create fully branded email marketing templates, and manage targeted email campaigns for you.

LifeCycle Marketing

We can develop a personal page, a business website or an eCommerce Store for you. Then use our digital marketing services to help grow your business.

Lead Nurturing

Most visitors to your website are not ready to buy now.  Talk to us about setting up lead nurturing for you, with automated and targeted processes depending on your visitors interest.

Custom Landing Pages

You have a website, and now you want to make sales.  But first, you need to engage your visitor and call them to action so you can capture their details as a lead so you can market with them.

We will create your custom Landing Pages designed to do one thing…to provide a call to action to capture leads into your marketing list, so you can market to them and convert them to customers.

Custom landing pages created for you and your brand.  These pages are designed to do one thing (and one thing really well) to capture online leads for you, so you can market to them and turn leads into customers.  A great way to build your lead and marketing email lists.

Branded Email Marketing

Branded email marketing normally comes after you build your website and have your landing pages created.  However, you may already have customer or lead lists we can work with.  Our latest research shows that approximately 67% of email are now opened on mobiles, so we make sure they all work too.

We created custom branded email templates for you.  We also build and manage email marketing campaigns for you and send to your customers and leads.  We can also setup automated drip feed email campaigns to keep your brand in front of your contacts.

Mobile Email

67% of people email is opened on mobile, make sure your email marketing is formatted for mobile devices.

Not ready to buy

30% to 50% of sales leads are not ready to buy now.  You need to be nurturing them until they are ready to buy.

Mobile Purchases

Of eCommerce orders came by mobile rather than a computer.

No Website

50% of Kiwi Businesses do not have a website and 20% have no online tools, yet 57% of Kiwis search the internet for business products and services.

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